Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Remotely manage JSPM

If your SAP system runs on a UNIX host, and you are not granted remote X access, there is a workaround to run JSPM Server on the UNIX host and JSPM GUI on your Windows.

For NetWeaver 7.10 and up:

1. Open a shell on the server with adm, go to JSPM directory and run:

go -remotegui

2. Open a web browser on client host with JRE installed. Browse to this address: http://:519 - host is the server´s host and xx is the instance number.

On the web page choose the link Start JSPM Frontend (SDTGui). JSPM GUI will be downloaded and started locally by Java Web Start technology. Then you can proceed as usually. Just keep in mind that JSPM actually runs on the remote host.

For NetWeaver 7.00 and below:

You have to adjust the following parameters.
The necessary steps are:

1. In JSPM/param/jspm_config.txt change the entry

/dialog/SDTServerConnection/SDTGui/launch = true
/dialog/SDTServerConnection/SDTGui/launch = false

2. Copy StartGui.bat and the content of the lib sub-directory of the JSPM directory on the UNIX server to some directory on the Windows PC, thereby creating a directory structure StartGui.bat lib\

-- or just mount JSPM file system on the Windows PC.

3. Start JSPM on the UNIX host as usual with the go script. You will see a message like this
Waiting for SDTServer to connect on hostname / socket 6240 ...

4. Start StartGui.bat on Windows host The GUI appears with a logon screen. Specify the host and port from the message above. The connection to the JSPM will be established.